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TopShelf Marketing is a state of the art online experience that connects consumers who seek health insurance with trusted and licensed agents that sell insurance policies from the top carriers around the country. Our mission is to be the trusted site where consumers go to shop, compare and get educated on all medical, life, dental and vision products sold by the top insurance carriers around the country. We do that by providing consumers with a wealth of information on health insurance and the Affordable Care Act and connecting then with the best and brightest agents that are licensed to sell insurance in their areas of residence.

TopShelf Marketing has only one promise to make.

We will open the doors of quality, affordable insurance for you with the information you provide us, we will find you the best and most-affordable insurance providers that are active in your area. To help you navigate through the maze of different insurances and their benefits, a certified expert will contact you and guide you through the entire process.

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At TopShelf Marketers Inc, we work towards simplifying Obamacare and health insurance so you can take the right decision and get the best available insurance package. Our core engine sifts through all available major insurance plans to compare plan benefits, premium costs and subsidy criteria to provide the best possible plan options for you. Our certified insurance experts are here to help you understand each plan, its benefits and how you stand to gain by choosing the right policy.

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